J. Courtney Sullivan’s Maine works perfectly as a summer read with some depth and texture. Maine affected me not only as a reader but also as a writer – I’d love to be able to create the kind of layered, interesting, and connected characters and plot that Sullivan achieves.


The Family Fang

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Pleased to report that no vampires are featured in this novel, but what you do get is a interesting, memorable, and strange read…


Sisterhood Everlasting


If you need a light poolside read that features well-developed characters, offers engrossing plot turns, provides a fair amount of substance for a summer read, and majorly keeps you reading, hang out in this Sisterhood one last time.

A shot of our new backyard, where I plan to spend a lot of time this summer!

If Only I Had Actually Been Lounging Poolside…

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Cannot believe it’s already May! If you look at the date of my last blog entry, you might guess that, much like Julia Roberts, Lindsay Lohan, Carrie Underwood, and many other celebrities of varying talent levels, I’ve recently taken a bit of a hiatus. We’ve had a very overwhelming 2012 so far…




If you’ve ever been emotionally involved or interested in the Elizabeth Smart, Shawn Hornbeck, or Jaycee Dugard cases and admired their strength when their kidnappers were caught and persecuted, then this novel is certainly for you. While there are obvious comparisons to be made to these famous kidnappings/rescues, Room is its own story, and you will root for the confused yet courageous five year old narrator all the way through.


All I want (to read) for Christmas!

Need some last minute gift ideas? Maybe you’ve got all of your presents wrapped and waiting under your beautifully decorated tree. If so, I’m impressed! Oh well – ’tis the season for crazy shopping, weekends full of parties, tons of goodies and sweets, great times with family and friends, and some quality reflection on the real reason we are celebrating a forgiven, redeemed, and blessed life.