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The Measure of a Lady


I can’t help but to compare The Measure of a Lady to Redeeming Love; the setting is 19th century San Francisco, during the California gold rush decadence; the protagonist is a headstrong, young single woman, trying to navigate romantic and family relationships; and at the center of the story is a message of God’s love and forgiveness that extends to all. However, The Measure of a Lady is decidedly better, offering an original and applicable story, relatable, realistic, and more nuanced characters, a snappier and more absorbing pace, and simply higher quality story-telling.


American Wife


There’s a reason tabloids, celebrity websites, and reality shows are so popular these days; people love getting a glimpse into the “real” lives of other people, both famous and unknown. I’ll admit that I’ve been known to watch a few shall-remain-nameless reality TV shows. Stepping into another’s shoes is a fascinating experience, and American Wife offers this very kind of people-watching to the extreme; all together, it’s an absorbing, affecting, and addicting read.