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All I want (to read) for Christmas!

Need some last minute gift ideas? Maybe you’ve got all of your presents wrapped and waiting under your beautifully decorated tree. If so, I’m impressed! Oh well – ’tis the season for crazy shopping, weekends full of parties, tons of goodies and sweets, great times with family and friends, and some quality reflection on the real reason we are celebrating a forgiven, redeemed, and blessed life.


Sammy’s Hill / Sammy’s House

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Sometimes after a rough day, you need a book to just be really, really funny. Kristin Gore’s pair of books, Sammy’s Hill and Sammy’s House, certainly fits the bill. And because Gore is a Harvard grad, former SNL writer, and of course, the daughter of VP Al, she has an intelligent, hilarious, and insightful style when writing about life and politics.